U2010B SOP16

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شناسه : U2010B-SOP16 دسته‌بندی: برچسب ها: , , ,


The U2010B is designed as a phase-control circuit in bipolar technology. It enables load-current detection and has a soft-start function as well as reference voltage output. Motor control with load-current feedback and overload protection are preferred applications.

D Advanced motor control D Grinder D Drilling machine

15 Limiting detector Automatic retriggering Current detector 16 Pulse output 1 Load current detector 2 3 Level shift 5 6 Voltage monitoring Soft start 7 Phase control unit f (V4) Output 1 2 Full wave rectifier + Voltage detector 14 Overload Mains voltage compensation 12 11 Supply voltage AD 9

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