Simcom SIM800L

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Simcome SIM800L is a quad-band GSM/GPRS module, that works on frequencies GSM850MHz, EGSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz. This Module features GPRS multi-slot class 12/class 10 (optional) and supports the GPRS coding schemes CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4.

Frequency bands

Quad-band: GSM 850, EGSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900. This Module can search the 4 frequency bands automatically. The frequency bands can also be set by AT command “AT+CBAND”. For details, please refer to document [1].
Compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+


GPRS data downlink transfer: max. 85.6 kbps
GPRS data uplink transfer: max. 85.6 kbps
Coding scheme: CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4
PAP protocol for PPP connect
Integrate the TCP/IP protocol.
Support Packet Broadcast Control Channel (PBCCH)
CSD transmission rates:2.4,4.8,9.6,14.4 kbps

Audio features

Speech codec modes:
Half Rate (ETS 06.20)
Full Rate (ETS 06.10)
Enhanced Full Rate (ETS 0
Adaptive multi rate (AMR)
Echo Cancellation
Noise Suppression

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