Sim Card Socket 6Pin Nano C783 Hinged

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Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card connector includes a connector body, the connector body defines a receptacle channel that extends inwardly from the front and the receptacle channel further defines a first hole and a second hole. Pluralities of terminals mount in the middle of the connector body; a switch terminal mounts in the connector body.

The switch terminal has a fixing portion received in the first hole and a contacting portion received in the second hole, the contacting portion forms an arced surface, the top of the arced surface is inserted into the second hole and protrudes above the top surface of the housing base in the receiving cavity. Sim Card Socket 6Pin Nano C783 Hinged comprises a body having an accommodating space for disposing a SIM card and multiple connected-through receptacles for receiving conducting terminals. Through the conducting terminals, an electrical signaling contact with the SIM card can be made.

The connector further includes a guide arm having a first salient block and a second salient block, the first salient block and the second salient block are disposed on the respective sides of the guide arm and a cover is connected to the body for covering the accommodating space. Furthermore, the cover may connect with the guide arm through a pivot; the cover further comprises a groove.


Number of contacts: 6
Connector Style: Hinged
PCB mount type: Surface mount
SIM Card detection: Yes

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