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Quectel supplies Quectel SMART-EVB-DL KIT for designers to develop applications based on Quectel SG30/SG36/SC60 modules. This EVB can test basic functionalities of these modules.

Applicable Modules

● UC20 Mini PCIe
● UC15 Mini PCIe
● EC20 Mini PCIe

Key Features

● Power Supply:
DC power supply:
4.75V~6.0V (typical: 5.0V) VBAT: 3.5V~4.4V (typical: 3.8V)

● LCM Interfaces:
Two 5-inch 1280 × 720 HD resolution liquid crystal displays 4-lane MIPI DSI interface for each LCD module

● Touch Panel Interfaces:
Two 5-point capacitive touch panels

● Camera Interfaces:
Support three cameras:
Rear camera supports 16M pixels with 4-lane CSI interface
Front camera supports 8M pixels with 2-lane CSI interface
Depth camera supports 2M pixels with 1-lane CSI interface

● USB Interface:
USB type-C interface
Compliant with USB 3.0 and 2.0 specifications, with transmission rates up
to 5Gbps on USB 3.0 and 480Mbps on USB 2.0.
Support USB OTG
Used for AT command communication, data transmission, software
debugging and firmware upgrade

● Audio Interfaces:
Analog Input:
3 groups of analog microphone inputs, integrating internal bias voltage.
One for headset, one for ECM-type microphone and one for MEMS-type
Analog Output:
3 groups of analog audio outputs, including:
One stereo headset output
One mono earphone differential output
One mono loudspeaker differential amplifier output

● (U)SIM Interfaces:
Support USIM/SIM cards:
1.8V and 2.95VSupport dual SIM dual standby
Support hot-plug detection

● UART Interfaces:
Two UART interfaces:
Main UART for data transmission and AT command communication
Debug UART for debugging

● SD Card Interface:
Support 4-bit SD card with hot-plug detection

● Flashlights:
Support 2 flashlight LEDs for testing the module’s flashlight interfaces

● Sensors:
Support three sensors including ALS/PS, accelerometer/gyroscope and compass

● Vibrator:
A vibrator for testing the motor drive interface of the module

● Switches and Buttons:
3 switches including two power supply switches and one emergency
download switch which is used to force the module to enter into download mode;
4 buttons including PWRKEY, RESET, VOL_UP and VOL_DOWN;

● Status Indication LEDs:
3 LEDs are available for signal indication

● Physical Characteristics:
Size: 26.5cm × 18.5cm

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