Quectel L76-L

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L76-L is a concurrent receiver module integrating GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS systems. With 33 tracking channels, 99 acquisition channels and 210 PRN channels, L76-L can acquire and track any mix of GPS, GLONASS and SBAS signals. Designed to be compatible with Quectel L76 module in the compact and unified form factor, L76-L provides a built-in LNA for better performance in weak signal areas.


Compared with using GPS only, enabling multiple GNSS systems generally increases the number of visible satellites, reduces the time to first fix and increases positioning accuracy, especially when driving in rough urban environments.
Combining advanced AGPS called EASY™ (Embedded Assist System) and proven AlwaysLocate™ technology, L76-L achieves the highest performance and fully meets the industrial standard. EASY™ technology allows L76-L to calculate and predict orbits automatically using the ephemeris data (up to 3 days) stored in internal RAM memory, so L76 can fix position quickly even at indoor signal levels with low power consumption. With AlwaysLocate™ technology, L76 can adaptively adjust the on/off time to achieve balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption according to the environmental and motional conditions.
Its super performance makes L76-L ideal for automotive, industrial PDA, consumer and industry applications. Extremely low power consumption makes it easier to be applied to power sensitive devices, especially portable applications.

Key Benefits

● Extremely compact size: 10.1mm × 9.7mm × 2.5mm.
● Multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS.
● Support EASY™, advanced AGPS technology without external memory.
● Built-in LNA for better sensitivity.
● Ultra low tracking power consumption.
● AlwaysLocate™, an intelligent algorithm for power saving.
● LOCUS, an embedded logger function with no need for host and external flash.
● Offer 99 acquisition/33 tracking channels and up to 210PRN channels.
● Support UART and I2C Interfaces.
● Great anti-jamming performance due to multi-tone active interference canceller.
● Balloon mode, for high altitude up to 80km.
● PPS VS. NMEA can be used in time service.
● Support SDK command developed by Quectel.

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