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Quectel supplies Quectel GSM-EVB KIT for designers to develop applications based on Quectel GSM, UMTS and NB-IoT modules. This EVB can test basic functionalities of these modules.

Applicable Modules:
Quectel GSM modules, UC15 module and BC95 module.

Key Features

Easy to use.
Abundant functional interfaces.
Human Machine Interaction.
Visualization for module’s working status via LEDs.
Documentations and tools packaged in one CD.

EVB Kit Includes

USB to UART converter cable X 1.
USB cable X 1.
RF cable X 1.
Antenna X 1.
5V DC adapter X 1.
Earphone X 1.
Disk involving related documents and drivers X 1.
Instruction sheet of giving instructions for EVB connection, details of EVB accessories, etc. X 1.
Bolts and nuts for fixing EVB X 1.

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