MCP2551 SOP8

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The MCP2551 is a high-speed CAN, fault-tolerant device that serves as the interface between a CAN protocol controller and the physical bus. The MCP2551 device provides differential transmit and receive capability for the CAN protocol controller, and is fully compatible with the ISO-11898 standard, including 24V requirements. It will operate at speeds of up to 1Mb/s.Typically, each node in a CAN system must have a device to convert the digital signals generated by a CAN controller to signals suitable for transmission over the bus cabling (differential output). It also provides a buffer between the CAN controller and the high-voltage spikes that can be generated on the CAN bus by outside sources (EMI, ESD, electrical transients, etc.).


Supports 1Mb/s operation

Implements ISO-11898 standard physical layer requirements

Suitable for 12V and 24V systems

Externally-controlled slope for reduced RFI emissions

Detection of ground fault (permanent Dominant) on TXD input

Power-on Reset and voltage brown-out protection

An unpowered node or brown-out event will not disturb the CAN bus

Low current standby operation

Protection against damage due to short-circuit conditions (positive or negative battery voltage)

Protection against high-voltage transients

Automatic thermal shutdown protection

Up to 112 nodes can be connected

High-noise immunity due to differential bus implementation

Temperature ranges:- Industrial (I): -40°C to +85°C- Extended (E): -40°C to +125°C

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