HT9200A SOP8

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شناسه : HT9200A-SOP8 دسته‌بندی: برچسب ها: , , , , , , , ,


The UTC LS1240AL SOP8 is monols1240al sop8lithic integrated circuits and designed to be as a telephone ringer. It can drive a piezo-ceramic converter(buzzer) directly. The output current capacity of UTC LS1240AL is higher than standard ringer. For driving a dynamic loudspeaker, UTC LS1240AL needs only a decoupling capacitor to replace the usual transformer in use.


Low current consumption.
Integrated rectifier bridge with zener diodes to overvoltage Protection.
Minimum external circuitry.
Both frequencies of tone and switching are adjustable by external components.
Integrated voltage and current hysteresis.

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