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شناسه : HT7K1401-SOIC8-EP دسته‌بندی:

The HT7K1401 is a 1-channel H-bridge driver with a maximum motor peak current of 2.0A. Its outstand-ing low on-resistance characteristic results in excellent output efficiency which is a major advantage in battery powered systems. A simple two input control pin struc-ture is used to provide four control modes: Forward, Reverse, Brake and Standby modes. With a PWM input control frequency of up to 200kHz, accurate speed control can be implemented for a wide variety of ap-plications. A full range of protection functions are inte-grated including OCP, OSP and OTP to prevent device damage even if the motor stalls or experiences a short circuit in critical operating environments. As the auto-matic sleep period activation mechanism uses the same mode control pins, an additional extra shutdown signal is not required. In addition, a low 1μA sleep period cur-rent ensures long battery life. The device also includes separate power supplies for the control circuits and the motor power supply and also includes a current sensing pin to allow the system to measure the motor current using an external resistor.

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