HT6222A SOP24

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HT6222A SOP24 is CMOS LSI encoders designed for use in remote control systems. They are capable of encoding 16-bit address codes and 8-bit data codes. Each address/data input can be set to one of the two logic states, 0 and 1.
The HT6220A/HT6221A/HT6221B/HT6222A contain 6keys (K21~K23, K25~K27) or 30keys (K1~K20, K33~K34, K37~K38, K41~K42, K45~K46, K49~K50), 32 keys (K1~K32), 48 keys (K1~K32, K33~K34, K37~K38, K41~K42, K45~K46, K49~K50, K53~K54, K57~K58, K61~K62) and 64 keys (K1~K64), respectively. When one of the keys is triggered, the programmed address/data is transmitted together with the header bits via an IR (38kHz carrier) transmission medium.


Operating voltage: 2.0V~3.6V
DOUT with 38kHz carrier for IR medium
Low standby current
Minimum transmission word: one word
Build-in RC (Internal RC) oscillator
16-bit address codes
8-bit data codes
PPM code method
Three double-active keys
Maximum active keys
HT6220A: 6 keys (8SOP) or 30 keys (16NSOP)
HT6221A: 32 keys
HT6221B: 48 keys
HT6222A: 64 keys
Low power and high noise immunity CMOS technology
HT6220A: selection of 16-pin NSOP or 8-pin SOP package
HT6221A/HT6221B: 20-pin SOP package
HT6222A: 24-pin SOP package

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