HT62104 NSOP16

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The HT62104 devices are high performance infrared remote control encoders which are manufactured in silicon gate CMOS technology. The HT62104 devices support eight data key inputs and an LED output to indicate the transmission status. A signal transmission is automatically activated when any key data input lines change status from high to low.

The device generates a signal which is composed of a Start code, a Custom code and a Data code and sends the signal to its output pin. This can be provided to an IR (38kHz carrier) transmission medium.

Operating voltage: 2.0V ~ 5.0V
Eight data key control
Two custom codes for product differentiation
Start oscillation after key press for power saving
LED output to indicate transmission status
Direct 38kHz output frequency infrared LED modulation
Signal gap time: T= 4 x 192 x (1/455kHz) ≈ 4 x 16 x (1/38kHz)
— Signal gap time: 4T
Low power consumption
16-Pin DIP/NSOP package

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