CD4066BE 14DIP

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The CD4066B device is a quad bilateral switch intended for the transmission ormultiplexing of analog or digital signals. It is pin-for-pin compatible with the CD4016B device,but exhibits a much lower on-state resistance. In addition, the on-state resistance is relativelyconstant over the full signal-input range.

The CD4066B device consists of four bilateral switches, each with independent controls.Both the p and the n devices in a given switch are biased on or off simultaneously by the controlsignal. As shown in Figure 17, the well of the n-channel device on eachswitch is tied to either the input (when the switch is on) or to VSS (whenthe switch is off). This configuration eliminates the variation of the switch-transistor thresholdvoltage with input signal and, thus, keeps the on-state resistance low over the fulloperating-signal range.

The advantages over single-channel switches include peak input-signal voltage swingsequal to the full supply voltage and more constant on-state impedance over the input-signal range.However, for sample-and-hold applications, the CD4016B device is recommended.


  • 15-V Digital or ±7.5-V Peak-to-Peak Switching
  • 125-Ω Typical On-State Resistance for
  • 15-V Operation
  • Switch On-State Resistance Matched to Within
  • 5 Ω Over 15-V Signal-Input Range
  • On-State Resistance Flat Over Full
  • Peak-to-Peak Signal Range
  • High On or Off Output-Voltage Ratio:
  • 80 dB Typical at fis = 10 kHz, RL = 1 kΩ
  • High Degree of Linearity: <0.5% Distortion Typical at fis = 1 kHz, Vis = 5-Vp-p
  • VDD – VSS ≥ 10-V, RL = 10 kΩ
  • Extremely Low Off-State Switch Leakage, Resulting in Very Low Offset Current and High Effective Off-State Resistance: 10 pA Typical at VDD – VSS = 10-V, TA = 25°C
  • Extremely High Control Input Impedance
  • (Control Circuit Isolated From Signal Circuit):
  • 1012 Ω Typical
  • Low Crosstalk Between Switches: –50 dB Typical at fis = 8 MHz, RL = 1 kΩ
  • Matched Control-Input to Signal-Output Capacitance: Reduces Output Signal Transients
  • Frequency Response,
  • Switch On = 40 MHz Typical
  • 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20-V
  • 5-V, 10-V, and 15-V Parametric Ratings
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